The Dream Lodge Marina & Boating Lake

Watersports at LBS16
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The Dream Lodge Marina & Boating Lake is both a hive of activity and a place to relax and watch the world go by.

With yachts moored in the marina, places to eat and drink and live planting the marina park is one of the most spectacular areas in the Show.

Get Active with Rockley at the Watersports Park

Sitting right next to the Dream Lodge Marina the boating lake is full on activity – visitors can go kayaking, powerboating on water plus see demos of new innovative water sports kit, experience cooking demos, or just chill out at the bar and watch the action.

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  • Hobie Mirage Drive Kayak and Paddleboard - A different way to power yourself across the water using your most powerful muscle groups – your legs – and maintaining a constant and sustained forward drive rather than loosing momentum between each paddle stroke. A brilliant application to link to other outdoor pursuits, such as fishing, or just great fun to see more of the world under your own steam. Provided by The Hobie Centre
  • Seabob - The ultimate submersible toy. This handheld electrical drive can propel you at up to 20km/h across the water. Great fun but also a fantastic tool to inspect the underside of your hull, checking the seabed for suitable anchorages or just exploring  the underwater world. Provided by Landau 
  • MotorSUP - A great adaptation to the worlds quickest growing watersport. This electric motor easily mounts to most paddleboards using the existing fin slot and a couple of simple straps giving the option of a boost to your range of paddle excursions or welcome assistance against a stubborn tide or breeze. Provided by Torqeedo / Golden Arrow – stand G047 
  • MOB Lifesavers - This is a simple and innovative method for recovering a person from water without the need to risk other crew members. This demonstration will help identify a number of restrictions in the event of a man overboard and provide ideas and suggestions as to how to overcome them in a practical situation. Available from a number of chandlers exhibiting round the show or 

Public Participation Activities run by Rockley Watersports

  • SUP - SUP or Paddle Boarding is the worlds largest growing watersport with the versatility and accessibility of the sport giving plenty of options on flat water or surf, exploring or competing.
  • The paddleboard sessions will explain the introductory steps to get going on a board and understand some of the key skills. With a range of boards from RED Paddle Co participants can get a feel for the difference between some of the options on the market and what would appeal to their needs. Provided by RED Paddle Co
  • Sit On Top Kayaks - One of the easiest ways to get on the water and explore many of our waterways, both inland and coastal, is on a kayak. With one and 2 man sit on top kayaks this is a great way to get on the water, learn the basics and have a glimpse of the opportunities available under paddle power. DAG Kayaks provided by Rockley Watersports
  • Powerboat Challenge - A great way to get on the water and test yourself with our timed powerboat challenge. Simply navigate your way around a simple course in our small tenders powered by electric motors. Suitable for first timers or those with experience - the best time of the show will win a RYA Powerboat Level 2 course courtesy of Rockley Watersports. Tenders and Engines Provided by Barrus 
  • Waterwalkers - A fun way to get on the water as well as a brilliant addition to activity bases, pool games, superyacht toys etc. 5 minutes is far harder work than you can imagine but will certainly bring a smile to your face – and anyone watching!

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