Virtual Reality Experience

Immersive, live, virtual reality technology

One minute you’re in the bustling crowds of the Show, the next you’re in a glider above the palm in Dubai, watching as your passenger leaps from the aircraft and hurtles through the air, using his wing suit to glide through the sky like Superman. This is immersive, this is live, this is virtual reality technology. 

At the XCommNet stand E061 VR headsets and 360° videos will allow attendees to experience sky-high death-defying stunts, all from the comfort of the exhibition.

It's been used in the aviation industry, now this brand-new technology to the marine world. With 360° Live streaming, you can be transported in seconds. You can be on the deck of a yacht in the Fastnet race, watching in real time as the crew are battered by surf and spray. As you turn your head, you’ll see the competition trailing behind, you’ll see Fastnet Rock ahead, you’ll be right there in the moment. 

It’s not just entertainment. 360° live streaming can take you from your office to a wind turbine where a fault urgently requires your expertise. You instantly have a panoramic view of the situation and can direct the team to deal with it, averting crisis without ever stepping foot on the wind turbine. 

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