Aquaglide Chelan high pressure inflatable kayaks

Exhibitor: Nestaway Boats
Price: Price from £845
Boat type: Other Types

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Aquaglide Chelan kayaks perform much better than most inflatable kayaks, yet are also lightweight and roll up to fit in a backpack-style bag. Perhaps their biggest advantage, rarely found on cheaper models, is a high-pressure drop-stitch inflatable floor which makes their hulls incredibly stiff (no "sag in the middle"). They also have side tubes made from very tough single-skin material, which means they can be a more tapered shape, inflated to higher pressures, and can be dried out much quicker after use than the "bladder in a bag" type. There are three sizes: they are some of the newest inflatable kayak designs on the market, and built to a very high quality.

The really Hot News for 2017, we now offer an electric motor option. The Chelans tough construction means their hulls are stiff enough to take the loads from a Torqeedo Ultralight 403 electric kayak motor, and the resulting combination is a delightful way to travel. Effortless, near-silent gliding, close to the water and in touch with nature, at speeds of up to 6 knots. It extends your range massively; enables you to take non-paddling passengers (young, old, canine!); or use your hands to cast a fishing rod or take photos (without having to stop).

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