Aquaparx Fisherpro Aluminium 300

Price (GBP): £599.00 including VAT
Boat type: Tenders (including Inflatables)
Length: 2m 90cm

Exhibiting On Stand / Berth Nos


Aquaparx Fisherpro Aluminium 300

The Fisherpro is the ultimate boat for fishing. The bottom of the boat is made completely of aluminium. The boat is light and easy to carry. The Fischerpro has handles at the front and a drainage hole at the back. This boat is ideal to put a small petrol or electric motor. 

  • Length 290cm Width 109cm
  • Boat weight 35kg
  • Buoyancy 250kg, 2 people
  • 1.2mm Aluminium sheets 
  • Perfect for a 1.2hp engine but can take upto a 5hp engine 
  • Standard equipment, carry handles and user manual

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