Rib 330 Inflatable Motor Boat

Price (GBP): £299.00 including VAT
Boat type: Tenders (including Inflatables)
Length: 3m 30cm

Exhibiting On Stand / Berth Nos


Rib 330 Inflatable Motor Boat 

The Rib 330 inflatable motor boat is the cheapest boat on the market. Made out of quality 3 layered PVC resistiant to oil , petrol and UV proof. This boat is perfect for the newcomer to boating, to the most expirenced fisher. This boat can be rowed or teamed up with one of our outboard motors. 

  • Length 330cm Width 151cm
  • Buoyancy 450kg 
  • Weight of the boat 40 kg 
  • PVC thickness 0.9mm
  • 500 Denier 
  • 5 people 
  • Recommended 5hp engine but can take upto 15hp 
  • 2 year warranty on manufacturing 
  • Standard kit includes aluminium oars, repai kit, carry rope around the outside, user manual, carry handles, strengthened floor


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