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Heightened interest in the portable folding boat concept is the result of recent changes in the lifestyles of boating and angling enthusiasts generally. Because of the high cost of energy, many leisure seekers have moved to smaller homes and apartments where there's little or no space to store ordinary boats. The PortaBote stows away easily in this type of environment.
A PortaBote is surfboard shaped when folded and fits neatly on top of the smallest car just like a surfboard or a pair of skis, and ends the hassle of towing forever!
Motorhome owners who don't want to tow a boat can now attach a folded PortaBote hull on the side or top of their vehicles.
Owners of sailboats and cabin cruisers use this folding craft as a highly practical ship-to-shore dinghy as it will take up only four inches of valuable deck space when stowed.
An optional sailkit turns the PortaBote into a sprightly sailboat.
PortaBote's hi-performance hull will outperform similar sized aluminium craft and inflatables - and a PortaBote needs only half the horsepower. The deep keel-twin hydro-tunnel flexihull design traps the bow wave and guides it under the boat which dramatically reduces drag and increases stability. The internationally patented fold-up square back and new folding transom offer a more aesthetically appealing "classic nautical design" in a folding boat configuration.
So you can now own the one boat that offers better portability than an inflatable with none of the disadvantages. It has a time-proven hull that matches the performance of an aluminium boat but comes at ”less than half the weight”!
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