Meridian Chartware

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Meridian Chartware was established in 1996 and is a leading software developer of marine navigation systems for personal computers. Meridian has a range of Chart Plotter Packs covering the Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. Norcom will be announcing its new chart update service at the show.

Meridian software will also run on a Windows 10 Tablet.

New for the London Boat Show

As navigation has moved from the paper to electronic charts the size of the screen has limited the ability to look ahead when passage planning or monitoring other vessel movements unless the chart is zoomed out and detail has been lost. Meridian Chartware have therefore developed a touch screen electronic chart table that can lay flat and a complete chart can be displayed. The screen’s infrared sensors create a true, full-screen interactive surface that detects touch and allows the user to overlay routes and other information on to the chart. As well as passage planning the chart table can be used to overlay real time tidal stream information and if interfaced to as AIS system AIS targets can automatically be overlaid on the electronic chart. The 4mm toughened glass protects the screen from being damaged.  The electronic chart table is available in 55”, 65”, 70” and 80” sizes. 

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