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Princess Motor Yacht Sales is the largest and most established Princess dealer and distributor in the world. There are only a handful of yacht sales and service businesses globally that rival our experience levels, business continuity, and scope, both in terms of services and geography.

From being the first Princess yacht retail business in the world to now the largest, our long-standing and unique partnership with Princess Yachts International has given us an unparalleled technical understanding of Princess yachts, and the requirements of our enthusiasts, friends and customers, who seek their adventures in luxury and comfort aboard yachts supported by ourselves.

Through our network of offices and experienced partners throughout the UK and Europe, the Princess Motor Yacht Sales team is proud to offer a professional, friendly approach with integrity at the forefront of our outlook in our many services.

These include:

  1. New yacht sales and semi-custom commissions.
  2. Pre-owned and Princess Approved yacht sales through Motor Yachts Direct International.
  3. Brokerage services through Princess Brokerage International.
  4. Warranty support.
  5. Service and Guardiennage.
  6. Charter advice and income services through Princess Yacht Charter.
  7. The sourcing of reputable and reliable yacht taxation advice.
  8. Events, forums, training, recruitment services, the most knowledgeable staff, and opportunities to meet other customers to help expand the enjoyment of your yacht.
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