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Like nothing else, sailing allows us to let go and feel free. A fresh breeze, the free and boundless air, a feeling of readily and silent movement at sea, whether through city canals, forest lakes, or the ocean itself – aboard a seagoing vessel there is a sense of natural and compelling distance to reality.

Our vision is to share our experience of best practice at sea by creating aesthetic and user friendly motorboats respectful of nature.

To create the best practice at sea, we invest in research and development to bring the most forceful sustainable design and innovative technology in renewable energy. Through aesthetically designed, electrically driven, and affordable motorboats, we wish to invite everyone aboard for the best experience at sea.



RAND Boats are re-thinking traditional motorboat design in order to make easy-going sailing available to everyone.

We produce sleek, simplistic electric motorboats for recreational use and with focus on social interaction. The RAND boats are electric and solar powered to create a silent and fume free sailing experience for easy joy and conversation on the sea. In a simplistic, Scandinavian design with graceful lines, RAND boats are built in sustainable, low maintenance materials, and it is sink free with the highest safety onboard.

The goal is to accelerate the advent of sustainable leisure experiences at sea. The RAND boats are a stylish, low-key luxury experience at an affordable price. The boats are designed by Danish architect and designer, Carl Kai Rand, with focus on sustainability and functionality in a simplistic Scandinavian design.



As the owner and architect behind the RAND brand, Carl Kai Rand pays much attention to detail. His education in naval architecture and years of experience in the maritime world results in a unique approach to boat design. Carl Kai Rand rethinks boat design and ensures an optimal and aesthetic meeting between sustainability and modern design.



It’s our mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable boating. The feeling of freedom at sea is only protected by a sustainable approach to interact with nature. RAND Boats make no compromises in the process of building the boats as our partners are highly sustainable in their industry. RAND Boats’ kernel are built of recycled plastic bottles, the deck and table are made from sustainable forestry wood and the boat leaves no environmetal trace when in use – due to the electric engine and the solar cell system.

We ensure the best sustainable options in every aspect of the development of RAND Boats.



RAND Boats is more than a boat producer – we are also a technology and design company focusing on energy development. Our department of research and development is collaborating with innovative partners in electric batteries and renewable energy to make a sustainable evolution at sea.

We design for authentic experiences. Our boats are always driven by the best options in renewable energy to make best practice at sea, resulting in products that embody a drifting, easily usable platform for authentic interaction with nature.


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