Sunsail Yacht Ownership

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Intelligent Yacht Ownership - No matter what size yacht you buy, our ownership benefits are the same for everyone!

Guaranteed income of 9% p.a. or initially reduced purchase payment
Owner's use of up to 12 weeks per year
Access to other yachts or sister ships at more than 15 destinations worldwide
Zero operating, insurance and marina costs
Professional maintenance by Sunsail included at no charge
A dedicated owner care team for your holiday planning and assistance


Guaranteed Income

With the Guaranteed Income program owners pay the full Sunsail purchase price of the yacht and place her into the Sunsail charter fleet. Each month you receive a fixed guaranteed amount of monthly revenue from Sunsail for the whole of the contract (Regardless of charter activity) The duration of this option is either four and a half or five and a half years depending on location. At the end of the program the owner can either take over the management and responsibilities of the yacht, sell her through our brokerage office or ideally, discuss with us the availability of a "trade-in" towards the purchase of a new Sunsail yacht.

Option to Purchase

With the Option to Purchase program the owner does not receive an income. Instead they pay significantly less for the yacht at the outset. This single payment is 65% of the retail purchase price. This contract is available with deliveries to Greece, Croatia, Thailand or French Polynesia. In these countries the title of the yacht has to sit locally with Sunsail until the end of the contract, at which time title is then signed over to the owner and the boat belongs to you. The program length is usually 5 and a half years.
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