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TOPPER Sailboats is a UK based manufacturer of sailing dinghies and catamarans that has received global recognition for market leading production techniques and product design.

TOPPER Sailboats are most famous for the production of the iconic Topper sailing dinghy that shares the company name. Approximately 50,000 Topper dinghies have been produced and sold by Topper Sailboats worldwide since it’s launch nearly 40 years ago. This huge success story gives the Topper Sailboats brand a rich heritage and a proven track record that is hard to match.

The Topper 4.2 and 5.3 Junior Pathway Racing Classes are an integral part of the RYA's successful sailing development programme. The Topper offers a phenomenal race and training scene. Friendly but competitive, the Topper circuit is responsible for developing some of the best young sailors in the world. The Class not only produce exceptional sailing talent, they also help sailors acquire key life skills to help them fulfil their true potential including independence, confidence, team work and physical fitness.

TOPPER Sailboats also manufacture an ultra-modern range of multiple-Award winning recreational and school sailing dinghies and catamarans under the TOPAZ™ brandname. The TOPAZ brandname refers to the unrivalled trilaminated Metalicene™ hull construction of the range which is super tough and virtually maintenenace-free making it ideal for school and club use as well as recreational family fun.

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