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For more than 50 years VETUS has been one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to innovative products for pleasure craft and small commercial vessels. Not for nothing is our catalogue regularly consulted by the engineers and designers from leading yacht builders and used as educational material in marine training establishments.

Complete "system thinking" means that VETUS not only supplies the part you need, but all the other parts to go with it as well. VETUS has confidence in its products and therefore provides an industry leading 3 year warranty on equipment and 5 years on engines for your peace of mind.

Part of the VETUS group of companies is Maxwell Marine, the incomparable New Zealand based manufacturer of anchor windlasses. Maxwell has earned a global reputation for quality without compromise and produces windlasses for every type of boat from runabouts to superyachts.

Together, VETUS and Maxwell can genuinely be considered as "Creators of Boat Systems".

New products


Vetus electric bow thrusters are well known and are a popular choice for both sail and power enthusiasts alike. The  “Extended Runtime” range now offers the possibility to operate the thruster for up to 10 minutes continuously - ideal for charter boats, commercial applications and for joystick manoeuvring solutions.


Vetus introduces a complete new range of retractable thrusters, suitable for both sail and power boats. The thrust outputs range from 55kgf to 160kgf to suit vessels up to 20 metres LOA with tunnel diameters of 150 mm, 185 mm and 250 mm.  They are available for 12V, 24V DC and hydraulic power sources.


Vetus introduces the next evolution of their D-Line engine range, with outputs from 122 – 210 bhp. The new D-line engines meet the new RCD2013/53/EU emissions regulations and are extremely suitable for power hydraulics on board. This engine range now features an innovative water cooled top cover in order to reduce the heat in the engine room and reduce the engine noise of an already near silent engine block. Other features that are added to the new D-Line engines are: a smaller air filter in order to save space in the engine room; new exhaust manifold insulation; water heater connections; an electric sump pump and a high output alternator (160 Amps) as standard.


Universal inspection port. The Vetus ILT is an innovative port with flange-in-ring design which facilitates easy opening, inspecting and cleaning a tank, even after being closed for a long time. The inspection port has a counter flange and a rubber seal which are inserted into a Ø159 mm hole in the tank. All that needs to be done is tighten the 4 supplied bolts which compress the rubber seal to ensure perfect sealing.


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