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Reliability, durability and efficiency are the trademarks of the Yanmar marine diesel engine range, making it the engine of choice for a wide range of leisure and commercial applications including sailboats, luxury yachts, superyacht tenders, family cruisers, fishing and workboats.

Yanmar’s new JH-CR series has set a new benchmark in small marine diesel propulsion technology by bringing the benefits of common-rail fuel injection technology to units of below 110hp. Boat owners can now choose digitally-controlled common-rail engines from the Yanmar range with power outputs starting as low as 45hp. Improved performance, better fuel economy with reduced emissions and smoother, quieter running, until now have only been available with engines of more than 110hp. These engines are an ideal fit for both planing craft, such as RIBs, tenders and day cruisers as well as larger displacement powerboats and sailing cruisers up to around 60ft. There will be a Yanmar 4JH110CR, 2-litre common-rail engine on the stand.

The Yanmar 4JH54 will also be on the stand which is an ideal repower engine.

Smaller leisure engines will be represented by the popular Yanmar GM Series with the 1GM10, the 2YM15 and the 3YM30AE. 

Yanmar’s smooth and powerful 8LV, 4.46-litre, twin-turbo, V8 diesel engine is proving very popular in both the leisure and commercial sectors. The high torque 8LV has a wide power band (320-370) and idles at 550rpm capable of crawling speed in the marina, aided further by a hydraulic clutch with both sterndrive and gear configurations. Additional benefits include exceptionally low noise levels and reduced vibration, ease of installation and servicing.

Cornish Crabbers, a well-respected builder of traditionally styled sailing yachts and motor launches will feature The Shrimper 19 & 21 sailing yachts on their stand (B096) both fitted with a 1GM10 Yanmar engine plus The Shrimper 26 fitted with a Yanmar 3YM.

A Mase 2.6kW generator, powered by Yanmar will be featured on the stand. Specifically designed and manufactured for installation on-board, this generator has low sound and vibration levels providing a quiet and comfortable environment.


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