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What's it all about?

To be able to meander around the islands of Greece, under sail in the sun is a rare privilege that we are proud to offer. The holidays concentrate on the enjoyable aspects of sailing in the sunny Greek islands, allowing those with little experience to have a go.  Experienced sailors also have the opportunity to simply relax, whilst introducing family and friends to their passion. 

Relax, Unwind and Explore

Our award winning flotilla sailing holidays to Greece allow you to take your time... Meander from port to port, stopping for lunch and swims in beautiful bays along the way, before making the most of the afternoon breeze and sailing to your evening destination. This is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable holidays available to people in the UK looking for something a little different. 

What is a flotilla sailing holiday? 

A typical flotilla consists of 9-12 yachts. This means that each group usually consists of between 30 - 50 people of all experience levels. Each flotilla is supported by a fully crewed lead yacht offering unobtrusive back-up, local knowledge, informative briefings and assistance where required.

We try to make your first days sail as gentle as possible and will usually only cover 10 to 12 miles. Your lead crew will usually motor-sail to be at your destination in time to take your lines on the quay when you arrive, especially in your first week!

Most evenings you will be moored in a small village or town so there is plenty of time to explore on shore. One evening is set aside for a beach party when the yachts are rafted up close to a beach. Your lead crew will organise the food and drink and the route for the following day will be appropriately short!

Who are we and what do we do?

Sailing Holidays has been running flotillas in the Greek Islands for 38 years and the welcomes still haven’t waned…the locals are familiar with the flotillas and are more welcoming than ever.

Barrie & Heidi who own the company began as Skipper and Hostess in the 1980's and so know first hand what goes into making a fantastic holiday.

30 years later the Sailing Holidays team and fleet have grown a little, but we still aim to provide the same personal touch to everyone who comes sailing with us!

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