Mercury Active Trim

Exhibitor: Mercury - Barrus
Product type: Electronics and Electrical Equipment


Developed by Mercury Marine, Active Trim is an automatic engine trimming system designed to make boating easier for both novice and experienced boaters.

Unique to the Mercury system, Active Trim simplifies the boating operation using an RPM and GPS based control system which delivers instant and effortless automatic trim. Manual trim operation becomes obsolete as Active Trim senses changes in speed and RPM to improve performance, fuel economy and ease of operation. This is a gradual transition which levels out at full speed and can offer a fuel saving of up to 40%.

Designed to suit novice and experienced boaters, Active Trim’s intuitive, hands-free system allows further concentration on the water to increase boating safety and offers a smoother ride with less propulsion. Novice boaters can benefit from perfect trim range and performance without having to be confident using the trims manual operation, whilst experienced boaters can enjoy boating without constantly monitoring and adjusting trim.

With five selectable trim profiles, Active Trim can accommodate nearly any boat application, from small runabouts to cruisers and high-performance applications. Simply run the boat and select the profile best suited to the application, then operators can personalise the system to their driving style and compensate for changes in boat load and weather conditions.

Active Trim is compatible with any new Mercury or Mariner outboard 40hp to 400hp, and any MerCruiser engine with SmartCraft. The system is available for retrofitting to existing engines and can be used on high-performance boats; providing a seamless transition between auto and manual operation to give full control at high speeds.

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