Oyster 6, Black Bass 8, Piranha 9.9 ISB

Exhibitor: Selva
Price: Price TBC
Product type: Engines Outboard

Exhibiting On Stand / Berth Nos


New Versions: Oyster 6, Black Bass 8 and Piranha 9,9

New lightweight electric start, tiller version incorporating INTEGRATED STARTING BATTERY

This exciting new version will be debuted in the UK at London Boat Show, and expands Selva’s lightweight single cylinder range with an electric start, tiller controlled model, incorporating an integrated high quality lithium-Iron starting battery.

Why? This new outboard is fully self-contained and still light enough to be considered realistically “portable”. The integrated battery adds just 750 g weight increase over the current electric start/tiller versions and is small enough to ensure the same external layout is maintained. These features provide users with practical benefits not offered by any brand previously. This is a lightweight portable engine which won’t overload a transom, has the simplicity of tiller control, can be easily removed when not required and has the benefits of electric start.

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