Quantum Chirp Radar

Exhibitor: Raymarine
Price: Prices start from £1495
Product type: Navigation Equipment
Exhibiting On Stand / Berth Nos


The Raymarine Quantum CHIRP Wireless Radar is the smallest, lightest and lowest power radar of its kind on the market.  Quantum has several important new innovations including a solid-state signal generator (no magnetron, and as such, lower emissions and instant power-on), CHIRP pulse compression technology (excellent long and short range performance), FLIR’s exclusive ATX signal processing (superior target separation) and wireless connectivity (easy installation and very thin/flexible cabling).  

For more information go to www.raymarine.co.uk/content/?id=13531 or speak to your local Raymarine dealer, to find the one nearerst to you please use this link  www.raymarine.co.uk/display/?id=911




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