Ron Marks Free Wheeling Outboard

Exhibitor: Boatworld
Price: £120.00 including VAT
Product type: Engines Outboard


Ron Marks Free Wheeling Outboard 

Ron marks, a name known in the watersports world for over 45 years has released its first non sporting marine gizmo. The Ron marks Freewheeling hand operated outboard is what the box suggests. a hand operated propeller designed to push small watercraft in both forwards AND! reverse!

Ron marks says it is suitable for any small craft up to 4.50 metres long such as a tender, dinghy, inflatable or tinnie (aluminum boat). It is aimed at boaters who want a simple, environmentally-friendly propulsion system which requires no fuel, no charging and produces no pollutants.

Already Duck hunters in New Zealand, Canada, The UK and the US have expressed a strong interest in its ultra silent running. Perfect for fishing as well. 

“Free Wheeling” is ingenious in its design, yet is very practical and easy to use. It has a unique 3:1 gear ratio which makes it simple and easy to propel in either a forward or reverse direction with just the turn of a handle.” says Ron Marks.

  • No Petrol 
  • No Pollution 
  • No Battery
  • No Oil




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