Exhibitor: Boatworld
Price: £215.00 including VAT
Product type: Watersports

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SubWing White Flame

The SubWing White Flame gives you the opportunity to explore the ocean in a way you never have before. Chose your own pace and glide directly above the ocean sand floor, do thrilling twists and turns, or simply cruise along at the surface. Look at the attached video and on You Tube to see what the Gadget Show thought of it if you are not convinced!! You can easily control the movement of the SubWing White Flame by tilting the two independent wings in various angles, allowing you to easliy achieve dives (up and down), sideways movements and spins. TheSubWing is attached to the boat by rope with a recommended length of about 50 feet. The slow towing speeds of about 2-4 knots feels anything but slow under water and are enough to provide a thrilling experience.

The intuitive and responsive maneuverability of the SubWing makes for a safe and gentle learning curve where the rider always is in full control of when to dive or resurface. A small boat with a less powerful engine will have no problem towing the SubWing.

The White Flame is an ABS Honeycomb construction. The wings are made of durable ABS material using advanced production and moulding techniques lightweight

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