London Boat Show
10-14 Jan 2018

Bespoke London

Bespoke London is an intimate showcase of global and boutique brands that each speak to your passion for timeless craftsmanship and modern innovation.

Set against the exclusive backdrop of the world-famous London Boat Show, the inaugural event is simply a cannot-miss for anyone with a deep appreciation of the carefully designed, the beautifully refined, and the exquisitely presented.


Boating & Watersports Holiday ShowFrom luxury charters in the 'Med' to inland and coastal cruising in the UK and adrenaline filled holidays in some of the worlds most far flung places. This all new live Show will take advantage of the prime holiday booking period and is designed to ensure your brand will benefit in this key time. The Show will have a high profile marketing campaign targeted at quality visitors who are active in the market and are looking to have the best holiday experiences ever.